She Makes Time for a Little Dance

After four months of unexplained travels in NYC,
it throws everyone off course when the cozy perfect
sweater is below the unplanned sleep of love, a top
starfish that experiences a wild hit of city culture,
a more meaningful convent of waves. Like kayaks?
You can connect with a beehive, stand in the lobby
of this chic hotel, convert waste into a butterfly,
grab the bison in the center of our hand, absorb it.

Also, the past couple of days, I experimented with a new block feature that I thought might help in cases where I have long lines. Well, yes and no. It did accommodate them, but with a weird slider bar, and everything was suddenly in Courier or something like that. I could probably play around with it further, but who has the time? For now, I think I’ll go back to normal and maybe reserve the block thing for when lines get broken in ways I don’t like.


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