In Her Boss’s Office

Stories like hers ripple throughout Boston,
Atlanta, most urban areas. It’s hard to imagine
the tile of the bathroom floor in autumn,
when it’s getting worse, the excessive hair.
Tammy got a hundred percent mad at this,
sweating in bone-dry air, the cold water
feeling heavy on her body. Her next step
should be going to sleep. I’m not sure much
would surprise her, whatever comes into
dreams of screaming soup dumplings.

It’s difficult to find printed magazines in stores these days, and I thought it would be extra difficult under COVID-19 restrictions. So, when I ventured out to a supermarket today, I was glad to see an April issue of a women’s magazine, any women’s magazine at all. I’m not telling you what it is yet, but I’m glad it’s already here for when I finish March/Cosmopolitan next week.


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