Night, Gown

A pre-softened hand-me-down
from a daughter of some friend of my mother’s,
white cotton blend with rosebuds, faded.
My mother has cut a sprig of lilacs, put them
in a small vase on my nightstand. It is still light out;
the robins, settling in, call to each other. I think
how easily I could climb out onto the small roof
under my window, sit there unseen in my
borrowed nightgown.

Today’s prompt for the Poem a Day Chapbook Challenge was “Night _____.”


2 thoughts on “Night, Gown

    • Oh, thank you! In my mind, these are sort of a follow-up to the ones I did last year through this same challenge. Those gave more factual information and these are more drifty. Maybe the end result will be that I intersperse the two. I initially wanted to load this one with facts as well, but I held back.

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