The naked mole rat
was born to be a person,
but it was too beautiful,
shocking the stars into silence
(they used to sing)

and causing the sun’s great factories
to grind to a halt. They remain halted
even though the naked mole rat

was banished years ago,
by the queen of all things, to live
largely unseen, underground.

All hail the queen. Yes, all hail her now —
she has dispatched her competition
in loveliness, that she may reign.

Today’s prompt at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads was to write a myth about an animal.


9 thoughts on “Exile

  1. I came across a dead mole while mowing today — sad little thing — but Lady of its own underworld. There are compensations for exile. And sunlight is vastly overrated. Well done!

  2. elleceef says:

    I wonder how many beautiful creatures have been forced underground like your naked mole rat, just because they are beautiful. Love your write 🙂

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