I Want it Back

My spine is the corncob
I toss to the squirrels

This is how your skills align
My kills?
What? No. Your skills.
and how they align in this sector
of corncob

of back — I want it back,
but the squirrels have taken it
to their unseen rooms of long ago.

Today’s prompt at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads was to write a poem of 12 lines or less, inspired in some way by Maya Angelou’s “When You Come.”


8 thoughts on “I Want it Back

  1. willow88switches says:

    I’m loving this – sassy – oh sassy, and cleaver clever – great word play on “my kills?”
    oh yeah, that is good –
    and what a great opening – corncob spine – whoo!

    I like how you’ve played with this – and just made it brief and yet, for no one specific direction or revelation of “point” – it’s really evocative –

    and I hope you’re feeling much better, less or no back twinges …

    • Thank you so much! And yes, I am feeling better today. Things are popping all along my spine, which is actually a good sign — movement in places that had been locked up. So now, I’ll clean up my entire life … of course.

      • willow88switches says:

        yes ….of course …. in one fell swoop –
        if only there was a magic wand for such grand ambitions, we’d be so much further ahead – but of course, it’s just gotta be the smaller steps, which is better than refusing to at least try – so an honest effort, is better than none, in my opinion ….

        glad you’re feeling much better – may you continue to mend well – and hey, don’t rush to overdo it.

  2. elleceef says:

    I was thinking you had lost your spine in another context 🙂 As in “spineless” (fearful, timid, etc) Now I understand and I’m happy you are feeling better.

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