NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 20: A Poem Using Terms from a Particular Sport

Designed for Use in Congested Areas

The WIFFLE (R) perforated plastic ball

is thrown like a baseball
and will curve very easily

different grips and releases
no need to throw the ball hard

designed for use in congested areas
the ball will not travel far

when solidly hit

ball chasing and base running
have been eliminated

an ordinary broom handle can be used

imaginary runners

From a prompt at, using information from the WIFFLE company website. The whole time I wrote this, I was sort of memory-smelling a WIFFLE ball and feeling a sadness that may be nostalgia or may be a remnant of dismal times playing with one of these because there wasn’t much else to do — like at your grandparents’ house (or at mine, anyway).


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