NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 4: An Engima/Riddle Poem

Are You New Here?

Unlock the tree to access the sun in the sap;
it’s the only thing you can do sometimes.

When life hands you limes,
learn to make limeade
instead of the lemonade you expected
to make out of this shitty situation.

Go forward when you have the light
to do that, but when you don’t,
try not to envy those who do —

somewhere a lettuce grows or a cabbage,
maybe a cabbage, and it carries your name
in its cruciferous heart; you have only to
water it and weed it and harvest it and read it.



Today’s prompt over at was to write a poem in which something is hidden or hinted at or otherwise not obvious. Can you guess what mine is?


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