NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 2: A Recipe-Inspired Poem (Beasy Mist)

Recipe creates one beasy mist, which may be shared separately or encountered alone in a snifter. Back door must be open and screen dirty, with dirty-screen smell, and yard must be gray. Enjoy!

In windowless room
open one window
using serrated knife

or saw

Place hand through
one window
so hand is outside

One palmful of mist
is now
on inside of hand

add bees
or beast
or bezoar

Muddle in the
inside of
puddled balloon.




Today’s prompt at is right up my alley: a poem inspired by a recipe. My poem was further inspired by the recently viral story of what happened when scientist Janelle Shane trained something called a neural network to come up with some names for new recipes. Some of its attempts sound like they could be in my 1961 Betty Crocker cookbook. I was especially taken with “beasy mist.”


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