The World and the Words We Say About the World

My eyes are made of agate
and reflect agate all the time.
My left breast was torn by eagles
when I was remade so a man could live
where I had been born several years before.
Nothing is vengeance except vengeance.
Every remaking remakes the world
and the words we say about the world.
My teeth slash your ankles
as you walk by in your terrible boots;
someday, you’ll take your boots off
beside my bed
and I’ll rise up like a snake
and bite your eyes, not made of agate,
stop your words, which are not my words.
The words you say about my world.
The world you are remaking.


2 thoughts on “The World and the Words We Say About the World

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I’ve been a bit shell-shocked and heartbroken since the election. My silence here was because I wrote a lot in November and December but hoarded all the poems in hopes of maybe placing them somewhere. December’s are a chapbook, or would like to be. How have you been? And thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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