Every Other Pepper

Every pepper is not like every other pepper,
you know.
All peppers were not created equal.
There is a scale for intensity of heat,
or we can always arrange them by color,
which is not the same thing.
All peppers grow where a flower used to be.
That might be enough similarity.


A dVerse Poets Pub prompt based on a photo of an arrangement of peppers by Emily Blincoe.


28 thoughts on “Every Other Pepper

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Peter Piper new wat to do with peppers; spicy ones are a boon to my appetite, but the family of green/red/yellow sweet peppers gives me indigestion.

  2. I do like your poem! And it is true. We can arrange them by color but the Scovil scale would be the best way to arrange them. I love using peppers to cook with or to pickle. I am soooo pleased you did not choose the eggs!

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