Anthem of the Seas

I wish I were what you are,
my Anthem of the Seas,
cleaving into the storm
without care, a floating city
where all the life vests
have life vests — no one left
unsafe, alone — where we are
all sick together, all well
together, and then
through the worst at last.


At dVerse Poets Pub, we were asked to make a wish, and then I happened to see a story on Facebook about a cruise ship that keeps finding its way into tropical storms.


32 thoughts on “Anthem of the Seas

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    The brevity works, & the message is sweet, yet there seems to be implications that this ship harbors chaos; no good ship Lollipop for you.

  2. An interesting story to write from and as a metaphor, it made me wish for more unity for humanity in good times and bad. Thanks for joining in! 🙂

  3. Ah yes—cruising toward Bermuda in hurricane season – always a dicey choice. Timely poem and I like that idea of life vests, in life as well as on board ship.

  4. A carnival of life..
    A cruise of happy
    a life of storms
    that float
    a party of breeze
    a wind secure of
    please.. a place
    where a feast
    IS A
    of rest
    too.. living
    as an Indian
    on the Beach..
    And Being Beach Free..:)

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