Out to the Shoal

Life is a slip-on,
a nautical tassel loafer
that takes you gently
out to the shoal,
beyond the propeller
of the Silver Spray.
With your free hand,
you touch
though it feels like
any other lake muck,
and you wonder
when the other shoe
will drop
into the water
to carry you home.


2 thoughts on “Out to the Shoal

  1. This is a poem that makes me think 1) “Ooooohh!” and 2) “I wish I had written that!” Its marvelous imagery forms a perfect circle. And the lines “With your free hand, / you touch / biodiversity” are simply fantastic.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! Biodiversity isn’t a word I’d use in a poem, usually, but I wanted it in there as kind of an interruption to the more tactile images. I’m glad you liked it!

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