A Matter for My Own Heart to Resolve

If my flower-and-bird painting–which I left on the wall even after you returned
from the flower show–was in any way heartless, then I certainly do apologize.
I was thinking of taking off (on a short flight, or a long one) the whole time
you were here, when I should have been thinking of nothing but the experience
of fragrance, how not to generate a mood of oppression. Tell me: Has the season passed?
Am I now left to be my own teacher, pressing for explanation, walking dead flowers
from one room to another, remembering when I still believed I had the power to fly?


Prompts: Poetic Asides (take off), NaPoWriMo (long lines — which I know before even hitting “publish” will not display well here), and Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Sen No Rikyu’s poems about tea).


19 thoughts on “A Matter for My Own Heart to Resolve

  1. Heehee. I DO see what your “blog limitation” was, Marilyn. I had the same problem. Had to keep changing words out for shorter ones. 😉

    I love the voice in this, especially:
    Tell me: Has the season passed?

  2. elleceef says:

    “pressing for explanation, walking dead flowers” love these lines,, some conversations do leave us feeling this way,,well done,,

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