The Neighborhood

Come to the tree of make believe, my little owl.
Nestle at the feet of this princess, this lady
in a crown of long brown hair. We can always
ride this trolley; nothing ever goes away,
even after you turn off the TV. It’s still there–
just like you, it can’t slip down the drain.


4 thoughts on “The Neighborhood

  1. There’s a chapbook somewhere in all of this? That’s (good) news to me! 🙂 I see lots of stuff just all over the place … If you don’t mind, what do you see coalescing? You were always my finder of sounds where I didn’t hear them, and now you’re helping me find sense, too.

    • I see you experimenting with new forms & voices lately. I’m not certain *who* the voices are, but they’re interesting & vivid, possibly less narrative than poems you’ve written in the past. I’ll keep listening for thematic threads. Maybe transition, transformation? Something new, is what I sense–something raw & exciting.

      • Thank you! One way I’d tried to put it together was just rejected as a chapbook. I didn’t really believe it myself, though. The kindly rejecter mentioned interesting voices, too.

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