Portofino Bay, Orlando

In Portofino Bay, there is
fake water, and real children
who wade despite the signs
that warn against this.
Vespas bolted to cobblestone,
opera punctuating moments
when guests realize that
the Sam Adams at the bar
is not on draft. A cat crosses
your path by the pool, and
you wonder if it’s a robot,
wired to record you
and measure your level
of satisfaction with
the amenities and the
trompe l’oeil brick,
the $18 sandwich,
and everything else
that sustains you,
or tries to.


3 thoughts on “Portofino Bay, Orlando

    • I was torn. Part of the problem was that I was there on business, with limited time to explore. What I really like in those cases is to be somewhere where you can walk out the door of the hotel and easily go somewhere to enjoy local stuff. The pumped-up fakery and isolation are not my cup of tea. But all around me were people having a great time, and I felt guilty and spoiled to be complaining so much. Eventually, I figured out how to have a decent time there, but I’m not itching to go back. 🙂

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