Great Review of Secret Rivers at Today’s Book of Poetry

What a nice surprise today when Evening Street Press, the publisher of my chapbook Secret Rivers, shared this review from the blog Today’s Book of Poetry! Michael Dennis mentions a lot of things that I think were really central to this book, and which I hoped readers would pick up on. I’m beyond flattered and thrilled to be featured in this way.

His post even has video from a reading in Columbus this winter. I’m camera-shy and haven’t watched it myself but thought I’d point it out in case you’re curious and would like to put a face and an actual voice with the written voice you’ve “heard” here.

Many thanks to Michael for showcasing Secret Rivers and making my day!


2 thoughts on “Great Review of Secret Rivers at Today’s Book of Poetry

  1. Marilyn, it’s great to see Secret Rivers getting press: congratulations! And the video is delightful–I really enjoyed getting to hear your poems in your voice. The three new poems at the end are terrific, too. Brava!

    • Oh, thank you! Yes, I forgot about those three at the end. They’re from the chapbook that runner-upped one place and got rejected several other places. Maybe don’t give up on it yet? 🙂

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