2.5 Stars — Not the Best, Not the Worst: NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 29

I was initially excited to come to this
office chair, because my friend was all like,
“OMG, it’s sooooo comfortable, and you can
adjust it up and down.” But OK, first of all,
it was a mauve-and-black “Saved by the Bell”
kind of print. Just, gross. Also, I tried to get
someone to help me with the up-and-down
feature, but there didn’t seem to be
anyone working there. So I had to find it
myself, kind of under the seat, and then
it’s not like it was some kind of thrill ride.
Whatever. That was fine. It was all fine —
it swiveled and rolled like you’d expect —
it’s just that, for the time it took me
to get there, I was hoping for
something more like Six Flags
or like a lounge chair by the pool.
This was not that. So I stayed
a few hours, and then I left.


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