Excited to Be Today’s Featured NaPoWriMo Participant!

Was so thrilled today when I checked out napowrimo.net and found that my money poem from yesterday is in the spotlight!

This site has particularly great daily prompts each April — a nice mix of tricky form challenges and more open-ended ideas. I think I’ve been doing this one for the past three years, and I know I’ve learned a lot from it and grown a lot as a poet. Some of my favorite poems that I’ve written have come from NaPoWriMo prompts, and I can think of at least a couple that have gotten published.

If you’re inclined to take up a poetry challenge this month, I strongly encourage you to do this one. There’s no harm, no foul for the days you’ve missed — just jump in now and enjoy.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going on a little trip to the capital of my state for some Lincoln/Route 66/restored’60s mod hotel fun. (That would be Springfield, Illinois.) While past experience shows that I am capable of writing on the toilet while my family is asleep, results have been mixed. So … If you come by and don’t see any new poems for the next couple of days, don’t panic. I plan to catch up this weekend, once we get home.


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