Going Back to Bed: April 2015 PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day Two

The secret is in how it rains,
the sound of a woodpecker
through the bathroom window,
open for the first time in months.
It’s a new thought again, that
windows can open, outside sounds
can come in where it’s quiet,
and a breeze can intrude,
just a shade too cold. There’s
no dog here to jump and whine,
break the stillness with
palpable desire to go out—
only the goldfish, contained
as always, and pecking
through the river pebbles,
and the box turtle, on some
unknown and silent errand.
Two children are still tucked up
in loft beds—if not asleep, then
not yet asking for anything.
The secret is in the walk back
down the hall, past the fish tank,
opening the door to the hush
before the world finds us.


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