Again Be Sweet

That was when things turned just as sour
as sour could be, and we thought nothing
could ever again be sweet. Even the sky
was the color of rotten lemons and rained
vinegar. We all sucked on our teeth, as if
we were hunting for stray memories of sugar.
But the rain washed away everything, even
memories, even teeth. When sweet came back —
at first, just a scent on the breeze — we
had to relearn what it was, how to love it,
how to hoard it where no sour could reach.


5 thoughts on “Again Be Sweet

  1. So, so good. I especially enjoy the timely repetitions of the long “e” sounds: rhythmic and, at the end, powerfully conclusive.

    P.S. You are extraordinarily prolific these days! I’m so enjoying all your new work, Marilyn.

    • Thank you, Jennifer, my sound noticer. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the (almost) daily poems. I’m doing a 3-month-plus exercise. I’ll be glad to reach the end and look back at everything and see what I got from it.

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