Some Monkeys Chose Not to Evolve

It is optional that I join
The Family of Man,
shed my tail, begin eating
something other than fruit.
It is optional, and yes,
it is an option, and yes,
I’m strongly considering it.
But first, I want to know
what I’ll gain from this,
other than power (a tail
is pretty powerful, too,
you know), heart disease,
a few material comforts.
Will I have to destroy
my nest of leaves, never
make another? Because
let me tell you, that’s
not the worst way —
making a nest — to pass
the last hour of day/
first hour of night.
I’ve heard it said
that this is happening
whether we like it
or not — that choice
is an illusion against
this force of nature.
I don’t understand that
as well as I understand
figs. I don’t need that
as much as I need leaves.


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