Completely Mistaken

Blanket me with your assumptions;
comfort me with broken peace,
misunderstanding as deep
as any wine. What can we do

but be imperfect together?
What can two people ever do
but stagger side by side

for a while,

completely mistaken but
headed in the same direction?


4 thoughts on “Completely Mistaken

  1. No one can ever understand the depth of what we feel, happiness, sadness, grief, mourning…. As individuals we can only ever hope to apply our own understanding of those feelings to others – so “misunderstanding as deep as wine…” is indeed true. As is your entire poem, and quite perfect to the ear, the eye, and the heart. “Stagger along, side by side, completely mistaken” of one another. All due to assumptions, which we constantly and foolishly blanket one another with…. From top to bottom this poem has a hard coded truth…. Very well written….

    • Thank you, John. I believe this is the inevitable human condition. To greater or lesser degree, and in different ways, we are all broken. Different religions and belief systems deal with this brokenness in different ways, but while they’re sorting all that out, the best we can do is be compassionate toward the other broken people all around us.

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