Holy Hegemony, Batman

That’s what I might have said
in 1989 (which, as we all know,
is the year that, somewhere else,
Taylor Swift was busy being born),
even though I didn’t know what
hegemony meant and, OK, since
we’re telling truths here, I’d
need to Google it today if I
wanted to front like I knew it
all along, its full meaning,
anything other than a vague
notion of its sense. But I
trafficked in vague notions
then, in 1989, of myself and
of the world, of what it was
that I wanted, the possible
futures I saw in the window
over the couch as I looked
at my reflection and sang
to myself so I could know if
I was any good at singing.

Catching up. For the PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 15. Prompt: “Holy _______”


6 thoughts on “Holy Hegemony, Batman

  1. Holy Cow! It’s what I used to say in the 80’s. Looks like we are on the same prompt feed today at Poetic Asides. I’m loving yours! And seeing that you picked up Day 15 gives me permission to take a look back in the challenges as well. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, and yes, total permission! I hadn’t done the Poetic Asides thing in a couple of years. Then last April, they raised the stakes — I think they actually published something or gave cash money or something, I don’t remember … I just recall finding out after the fact and being sorry I’d missed it. This November one appears to be as low-stakes as it’s always been. But then, the real prize is in the writing itself, right? Barf. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The world inside you is amazing… I have no idea what hedgemony means. I imagine it is something that a man must pay after divorcing his shrubbery. Hey, don’t judge me man. We were two perfectly consenting – um, carbon life forms…

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