Black Stone Lying on Whatever

I really don’t care what day it will be, or where,
or what kind of weather, when I die. Do you? Really?
If so, I’d venture to say that you’re fooling yourself —
or indulging some romantic notion about how these things go.

If you die in Coshocton, Ohio, on a snowy February night, you will be
equally dead as if this occurred on a rainy day in Paris.
I’m sure I’ve driven through Coshocton, and I went to Paris once. Both are
OK places to die, no matter which way you wear your arm bones.

Marilyn Cavicchia is dead, or maybe you are. Maybe both of us.
No one beat us with sticks. We missed our final shot at drama.
We thought there might be a rope, but of course there was no

rope. Who said we merit witnesses? There are no witnesses.
Just put your arms back on, and lie down. Be quiet. Try
to think about other things for a while, if you can …



NaPoWriMo, Day 8. The prompt was to rewrite a famous poem, and this one was suggested.




5 thoughts on “Black Stone Lying on Whatever

  1. Ryu messed up the formatting, and I’m not sure why. I thought it was the funky indents, but I took those out. I guess it’s a line length issue? Sigh … I don’t intend the weird returns in the second stanza. Ryu, I love/hate you so much.

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