Border Arrest May Be Connected with Target Credit Card Hack

On the border between Target and Walmart,
on the border between Costco and Sam’s Club,
on the border between desire and fulfillment,

somebody has your number.

In a conversion van with a seascape on the side,
in a putty-colored, green-cursored computer,
in a satellite dish pulling signals from space,

somebody has your number.

There is nothing you can do;
you will never rest again
now that you know,

somebody has your number.



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20 thoughts on “Border Arrest May Be Connected with Target Credit Card Hack

  1. I must be crazy–b/c I don’t give a rat’s a*s WHO has my number–or what they DO with it. IN all fairness I must say I’m so old, maybe THAT’S why I don’t give a sh…don’t CARE!

    Further, when there is nothing I can do, it is more reason to be unconcerned about “my” number.

    YOURS and OTHERS I AM worried about…

    Thanks for “cute” poem!!!

    • So, it wouldn’t bother you if your card and info were stolen at Target and someone tried to open all these accounts with it? You’re much more calm than I am, then? 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

    • Indeed! One time, I did know. My first credit card was stolen before I received it, and I eventually saw a record of the transactions made in my name. Kind of creepy. Also, pretty mundane. She filled her car’s tank, had a big Mexican dinner, and bought lots of stuff at Victoria’s Secret. It turned out to be a lady in the campus mail room — which I’d suspected all along, but the police wouldn’t listen.

  2. Ugh. It’s so true somebody’s got my number. I just got a call from the bank. Somebody really did have my number. Luckily, they caught it in time. Now I have to get a new number.

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