Your Host

If you need anything while I’m asleep,
please feel free to smash the glass.
I think you’ll find your accommodations
are quite pleasant. We didn’t skimp
when it comes to the shag carpeting—
it’s wall-to-wall and double-ply, also
sealed for your protection. We believe
in safety here. Safety and sanitation,
everything buttoned up just like
God’s own sewing kit. A stitch,
you know, a stitch in time saves
feathers. That’s what they say—
or we say it, anyway. We say
a lot of things around here.
I think you’ll find us downright
chatty. Garrulous as gabardine,
and almost as sacred as mice.



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16 thoughts on “Your Host

  1. as sacred as mice eh? ha. i kinda get scared when a place is too safe you know…but shag carpet can feel so good on the feet…smiles….it does feel a bit out of skew in a jarring kinda way…

    • Yeah, I was going for kind of jarring and unpleasant, in a way you can’t quite place. My personas are often people I wouldn’t want to know in real life, much less acknowledge as living in my head.

  2. I liked your using mixed metaphors, we are so used to cliche that this jars us. I was trying to picture the speaker, perhaps the androgenous nanny-state. I liked this poem, but of course you know I would, you being a psychic at one time. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Bill! I pictured the speaker as a man, kind of a John Waters or Gomez from Addams Family type. But I like your vision, too. Speaking of vision … I was totally fake as a phone psychic, but I do have random and not very useful flashes from time to time — moments when I seem to tap into something.

    • Thanks very much, Joe! That line and some of the others appeared fully formed in my mind, and I had to resist editing them into something that was neater and made more sense. And I like your Motel 6 in Wonderland description!

  3. Marilyn, this was very Addams family vibe. I loved that first line–talk about drawing me in! And garrulous as gabardine! So inspired and fun to say too 🙂

    • Thanks, Sara! Garrulous as gabardine popped into my head and wouldn’t be turned away. As for the Addams family, what I liked about them, and kind of see in this speaker, is that they were genuinely unaware how scary they were or that their attempts to be hospitable were way off-kilter. Glad you saw that!

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