My best attribute is that I’m wearing a green sweater today,
and in it, I never tell lies. It’s my truth-telling sweater, and I
have one in every color, only some of them are T-shirts—
when I’m wearing short sleeves, all you get are half-truths.
But that’s better than what most people give you. Whatever
they have on, you’re only getting tank top-level honesty,
or a bra, or pasties. Or bare chest. But maybe I have this
all wrong—maybe the only truth is in flesh, in which case,
I have things completely reversed. In which case, I
apologize. In which case, I have been lying to myself.
Put the kettle on, someone—it’s a chilly night,
and I have a lot of new truths to tell.



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


10 thoughts on “Telling

  1. Very clever Marilyn. I like the image of a green sweater being the truth-telling sweater. Green is such an earnest color. You had me believing you there, until you flipped it and now … brrr.

  2. I love the turn in perspective here, and the “In which case…” parallelisms. And the green! And the sweater and T-shirts! It’s like the sweater unravels itself in the course of the poem, leaving just the cold truths. Marvelous.

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