You say it is peaceful there,
together on the beach,
in the open air, the blue skies.

You say we should tell our friends
goodbye, go where there is
sun in wintertime. You say this is

our destiny. If you love me enough,
how could I disagree? If I love you
enough, will you stop hustling?

Then I will make no protest; we
will make our plans, and this
is what we’re gonna do.



After “Go West,” by The Village People, because I have gone west on business.


6 thoughts on “Together

  1. Yes – the “we” is often at odds with the individual need for control. Winter at the beach is calm and enjoyable with fewer people – but at home is Christmas, and parties, friends and family. Once or twice is ok but I suppose this couple is apt to try compromise in the end. (smiles)

  2. It is a humorous expression of a manifestation of “togetherness,” being wont to go a different way.
    I confess to wondering what inspired it (at the moment).
    This is a cool write, cleverly done.

    • Thanks, Jeff! I was thinking of “Go West” because I wrote it during a business trip to Portland, Oregon. Then I worked from what I heard in the lyrics — longing, and kind of a “come away with me” pleading.

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