Block Party

Champagne Bubble-Up
as the whole house bounces
in your dreamy eyes, in your
dreamy carless street.

Let’s get it started; buy
a bikini from your neighbor
at the yard sale. You can
wear it when you drink

wine with your people,
bond with them while you
sit in someone else’s best
folding chair. Bring it out,

bring it out, pasta salad
and a Frisbee. Bartender,
pry me a beer from the
Igloo on the card table.

Block party, and everything’s
light; can’t drink and drive
when the street’s still closed.
Empty the bar. Empty the

bar; don’t bring back liquor
from the block party. Leave it
outside. Stay out to clean up
Solo cups of moonlight.




Based on something called Block Party Riddim Mix because we had our annual block party today. By mix, it means that it’s actually a bunch of songs, totaling about 19 minutes. I realized that last part once I was about 12 minutes in.


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