Be on My Side

There is no reason for you to hide.
I shot my baby over the rainbow.
They dragged the river bottom,
but she was not there. I shot her
dead. I dragged her to the quarry;
I threw her in. I buried her under
gravel and clay. I worked all night.
I walked away from my baby; I
walked along the river, where the
weeds grow tall—tall enough to
cover everything. Tall enough for
us to hide. There’s still time for us
to get away. Are you on my side?
Are you on my side, or do you
need to take a rainbow ride?
I could drag you anywhere.



Today’s creepy request, Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s “Down by the River,” was from my friend and possible distant cousin-in-law, Tom Cavicchia. Nothing like a good murder ballad on a Saturday night … If you have a request, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!



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