my high school friend and i
order coffee at Friendly’s

(big, heavy tan mug)

and everything seems




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31 thoughts on “1991

  1. I like it – it’s succinct and reminiscent – I think it needs the other side or perhaps other sides of those who held that promise and where it took them.

    • Our Friendly’s is no longer there, sadly. 😦 Did you ever just get coffee there? That was kind of a high school “thing” — to go someplace that was known for one thing, but get something else.

      • i don’t drink coffee. we had dinner and then sundaes.

        when i was pregnant with my older son, i had strawberry fribbles there all the time.

      • I miss Friendly’s! They made a big push into Ohio, where I mostly grew up, but they’ve since retreated. I never did get the Wattamelon Roll. I think I had a slice once, but never a whole thing for some event.

    • Thanks so much, LaTonya! Didn’t you feel so grown up, going out for coffee with your friends and talking about all those possibilities — or, sometimes even better, just feeling them, not even talking about them?

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