And All the Air You Can Breathe

The morning titans stretch themselves,
release the earth again, on its own
recognizance. We recognize these things:
Leaves. Sun. Water. Each other’s faces.
How many mental maps do we have?
How many can we carry? This is
the riddle of every morning.
I solve it day by day.



To be linked tomorrow afternoon/evening for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. (I wrote and posted it now because I’ll be in Dallas tomorrow. Ever been there? Any tips?)


2 thoughts on “And All the Air You Can Breathe

  1. This is the sort of amorphous question a poet ought to ask, and the answers? Well, the answers…

    I so enjoy your poetry. As for Dallas, my only advice is, “Don’t fall for JR Ewing’s smile.” 😉

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