The Ache Where I Drink Water

At first, I tried to shiver off these lights.
They scared me because I thought
the stars had fallen, were burning
in my arms. So much is different now,

but I’ve gotten used to them
and the other objects, the ache
where I drink water. The air

is dry, and there’s never any wind.
The noises are all different, the smells.

After what happened that day,
my neighbors and I tried to
figure it out, what we had done
wrong, what was happening then,
what would become of us next.
The wind was everywhere,

and I wasn’t pointed toward the sky
anymore. I am now, I guess. This is
peaceful, in its way. Still, there’s

a crow I miss, and so much
to tell him; I’ll be ready when
the truck comes, any day now,
to take me back home.



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


11 thoughts on “The Ache Where I Drink Water

  1. dang, i wanna know what happened….ha….nice tension you built with that…and the talking with the crow in the end…really great touch in my opinion…there is an interesting foreboding feel to this…like i know i did something wrong…

    • complynn says:

      Isn’t this about a Christmas tree, cut down, put upright in a stand, and now holding lights? But I don’t see something hiding inside the poem!

  2. This is rather sad – I think of trees as human alter egos anyway. Must admit my first read through, I thought it might be an allusion to the scare crow in the Wizard of Oz (or more likely to a character in Wicked) but I was aided by the comments and your “giveaway” that it was a Christmas tree. It’s a really clever piece (when noted) and yet it still leaves me feeling “a bit cut down”. Merry Christmas, anyway although we have a couple of #openlinknights until that date!

  3. Yeah, it’s definitely not a happy poem, and I wanted some ambiguity so it wasn’t right on the button, as far as who’s speaking. I love our tree, and we always drop them off to be chipped and “recycled,” which mitigates things somewhat — but I do always feel for this sort-of still living thing.

  4. Kelvin S.M. says:

    ..very fascinating… though i felt a bit short of entire scene… i think you could have done this in a longer form… a Sestina for example… but nonetheless, you have a great voice in it… smiles…

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