What He Made

he made, all his dealing days.
I meant to say, he made
some really bad ones.

excuse, please, if I
leave things out at times,
words, punctuation,

capital letters. those can
be heard, you know. or
you hear when they

are missing. missing.
anyway, jim and all his
dealings, he never made

anything much good
except two children
with Irene who always

said he should stop
making deals because
great as it was to have

a huge fish or a pop-up
camper, there were times,
too, when jim got took,

knew he got took,
banged his head
on the door jamb

it’s a long way down
to where you’re crying
in front of your wife,

those kids. those kids
always wondering
what daddy had

in his pockets. irene
wanting to know
what jim had

to show for himself.
not enough, is it no
never enough


For NaBloPoMo and PAD Challenge, Day 16 (prompt: Use the last line of yesterday’s poem as the first line of today’s).


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