Left and right,
holding up a crystal platter
of cream puffs, maybe,
or porcelain angels, their wings
already chipped from
a bumpy ride in the back
of a rattling panel van.

Left and right,
holding up a fragile realm
like that, keeping broken things
mostly stable, lest anything
break further, though everything
breaks at least a little in this
unpadded world.


For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets, PAD Challenge, Day 6 (prompt: left and right), and NaBloPoMo.



14 thoughts on “Protection

  1. the world is def unpadded…pretty cool metaphor as well…all the little cream puffs on that platter…already having survived the van but can they make their way through the crowd…smiles…tight little write…

  2. i am always amazed to see a rather short poem say so much… words are a powerful tool… and you are quite the craftsman.
    i loved the ending, wonderful words! thank you for sharing…

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