Sairy and Esther

Under an almost-full moon,
over two short glasses of milk,
in milk-white, moon-white gowns,
Sairy and Esther argue about
which one is more important.

Sairy says she is everything
that ever was, ever is
and ever shall be.
World without end.

Esther says nothing is ever
like that; everything changes,
and it’s best to keep moving,
not pretend at stillness
when we are always traveling
so fast we can’t feel it.

Sairy and Esther agree,
as always (or sometimes),
to divide the world in half,
its actions and descriptions.

Sairy is an old woman.
Esther is pouring out
the leftover milk;
a half moon turns
around once, slips
down the drain.

Sairy and Esther
spoon in their bed;
it is big enough
for two to be.


For Day 2 of PAD Challenge (prompt: Write a full moon poem).


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