My Feather Road, for Open Link Night

My Feather Road

I mainline birds
until I can’t stop
fluttering; there is

a nonstop stream
under every word
I say. I am learning

to drive this car
made of wings,
lurching down

a street of strewn
feathers. Your car
made of stars can’t

drive my feather road.
Greater love affairs
than ours have ended

over smaller things
than this: certain
blocked exits, gaps

of little consequence
that somehow come
to mean everything.




For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


16 thoughts on “My Feather Road, for Open Link Night

  1. ha, i def like the closure…on things coming to mean much…even if they arent or we pretend they dont at the time…take affairs for instance….really cool flow in this though…

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