Post Office, for Open Link Night

Post Office

If only I could live
among the specks
of these tiles,
whirling in vinyl
of chips.

If only this rug were
a good place to rest,
its textured surface
prickling my cheek.

If only this blue neon
accent lighting were
the closest thing
I had to daylight.
I could atrophy,
watch my skin
lose its color.

If only a P.O. box
offered a space
to hold my heart.
Cool, corrugated
metal; I’d keep
the key.

If only I could wear
this webbed ribbon
that marks where
to stand. I would
pull it from its posts,
wrap it around myself
like the belt of Orion.


For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


12 thoughts on “Post Office, for Open Link Night

  1. I really enjoyed the spin you put on the post office…you managed to bring life to waiting in line there, something I would have sworn was impossible… I like the refrain of if only, if only… It’s inspired me to think of other if only’s…There’s so many links tonight… I’m so glad I found this.

  2. Dick Jones says:

    The insistent sense of yearning builds to great effect through these picaresque escape routes and towards that fine last stanza.

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