Let Memory Be a Paneled Room, for Open Link Night

Let Memory Be a Paneled Room

Let us now be gracious
and thank our humble homes.
From shag carpet we arose;
the ugly couch was always
more comfortable before
it was reupholstered,
made more acceptable
to our changing eyes. Let us
now love Linoleum, warm
underfoot, forgiving of stains,
those accidents of carelessness
and time. How the years passed.
Let memory be a paneled room
with heavy curtains. Let it keep
every word we ever spoke.



For Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


13 thoughts on “Let Memory Be a Paneled Room, for Open Link Night

  1. I so enjoy the detailed attention this poem pays to our home-spaces. I love the mythic dimensions of “From shag carpet we arose” and the exhortative repetitions of “Let us”–these give the poem an appreciative gravity. Brava!

  2. Times change and we remember the funny furnishings of our earlier times..and the comforts. My shag carpets are gone, but I still inhabit primarily that central paneled room that provide memories of bringing up a family.

    • My dad’s house has a paneled living room, and he and my mom always wondered whether to take it down, paint it, or what. It’s cozy, though! They put in lighter colored carpet and I think it helped brighten things up. In a house we lived in previously, I had pink shag in my room. 🙂

    • Thanks, Holly Anne! Ceramic floors (though lovely) are cold and break everything that falls on them. We have “ceramic-look” vinyl tile, which is not my favorite (didn’t choose it myself), but plates can — and do — fall out of the cabinets with no harm done.

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