NaPoWriMo, Day 24: A Lipogram (Which is Not a Poem about Fat)

My Stars

you wallow
in a sky
just past
my hair

I touch
I cry
I hold

do you
ask this:

what I am,
what words
I own, and

who follows,
who wants?

you know
I am solo,

a paramour,
a companion,
a buddy,
a pal.

no, nothing
but you.

but you,
my stars.

Note: A lipogram is a poem in which the poet avoids using a certain letter. The classic choice for English speakers is to avoid the letter “e,” so that’s what I did. Oh, also … I’m happily married and do have some other buddies and pals, too. The speaker here is not me — so, no need to worry … or recommend that I check out eHarmony. And finally … Eeeeeeeeeeee! That was fun.

OK, not quite finally … I’m linking to dVerse for its Open Link Night, which is every Tuesday. Thanks for the tip, Anna!


13 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo, Day 24: A Lipogram (Which is Not a Poem about Fat)

  1. smiles…interesting concept to avoid a letter…might have to play with that one…i enjoyed the thought though of having stars as a companion and talking with them…they are vast and to lay under th enight sky a beautiful thing…

  2. hEy, this was a lEarning ExpEriEncE. EnjoyablE to say the lEast! And FUN! And did I mEntion Eharmony? No? GOOD!

    (I’ve thought E-Harmony sounded like a music school course!) I especially liked your “Eeeeeee”.
    Good post. thanks!

  3. I could never imagine writing anything without Es, which isn’t easy I think! This is pretty cool, though I don’t know why you picked on the lonely letter E. 🙂

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